JGV 2.0 Home Page

Click in the applet and try the following key commands:
'R' (Rotate)
'T' (Translate)
'S' (Scale)
'H' (Home/Reset)
Dragging your mouse across the window applies the current motion.

Actions Mode
Some text or objects may have actions associated with them.
When you're in this mode and mouse over an active element
it will be highlighted and the action associated with it will be
displayed at the bottom of the window.
Clicking on the text or object will execute the action.

Annotation Mode
To add notes to the object select 'Annotation' from the modes menu.
Click on the object where you want to add a note and enter text into
the popup window that appears.

Object XML Representation

Some other objects: Voyager, One cube

The JGV Viewer consists of two components, an applet conforming to the Java 1.1 API to support the maximum number of browser platforms and a server/web-application that is developed against more recent versions of the SDK and J2EE APIs and runs in any common container such as Tomcat or WebLogic.

All communication between the client and server occurs via HTTP protocol to minimize the possible impact of firewalls between the applet and the server.

The applet is responsible for rendering arbitrary 3-D objects as specified in the viewer XML file format and allows the user to rotate, scale and translate the object on-screen. In addition it allows a greater degree of interactivity by supporting pickable objects. When the user clicks on an object that is pickable, an action will occur.

Supported actions now include loading a new web page in the browser, loading a different object into the viewer or transmitting an event to the web-application for server-side processing. Also, the applet supports transmitting a user-initiated "print" action that contains the current orientation (matrix transform) of the object in the viewer along with a postscript representation.

The web-app component is responsible for serving up the object data to the applet for rendering and can also handle server-side processing of actions triggered by user clicks.

SourceForge Project Page
JGV (version 1.1) original home page is here